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Distributed Computing articles
from Bob's monthly Column (1998-1999) on Reverse Computing

The Assault of the Labels

CASE I. You have purchased an outrageously expensive cooking pot possessing a magical coating of important modern material that guarantees your utensil will never scratch if properly cared for. The only problem is that smack in the middle of the magical cooking surface is a LABEL reminding you of the cost of this item and includes some code markings known only to mice.
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The Physics of Money

"...I quickly discovered that one reason why many people are financially backward is that money is actually rooted in concepts that, at first blush, are utterly counterintuitive--as bizarre as quantum physics. Of course, this should not be a surprise. As in physics, realities as fundamental as money and finance should not be expected to conform to any but the most deep and
subtle laws." See Article

Parabola Articles
August 1993, "Baraka: Film as Meditation"

"...Stylistically [Baraka] is not a chamber piece, but a symphony: from the stunning opening chord--a transcendent vision of a total eclipse of the sun, instantly releasing the viewer from the stability of time and place--through the overall composition of the film into dynamically balanced "movements," to the starry worlds of the finale, a series of unequivocal major chords."
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November 1992, "Teotihuacan: The City of the Gods"

"Around 150 B.C.E. in the midplain of Mexico, one of the most remarkable cultures in Mesoamerica arose and flourished for nearly a thousand years. The center of this unprecedented civilization was the first "complete" city in the New World--it was, by all standards, a stunning metropolis--and though this urban complex dominated the Valley of Mexico for hundreds of years, we do not know and may never know its true name. Nor do we know from where its people originated, what language they spoke, or exactly why and how, at the end of the seventh century, the city--most probably from within--was cataclysmically destroyed..." See Article

from Farewell Millennium Address to
The International Middleware Association (IMWA)

"Decades or even centuries from now, we will come into a world where finer and finer subsections of applications, themselves sub-sections, will interact within smaller and smaller periods of time, until time itself may be unmeasurable by our current methods..." See Excerpt