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Unedited Improvisations: To hear some complete samples, click on an album cover above.
Seven albums are available for purchase on cdbaby, where you can hear 30-second excerpts
from each track.

Improvising is composing, only there’s no time to stop and polish. My aim has been to create music that
has structure—at least a beginning, a middle, and a conclusion—that can sometimes pluck a deeper
string. Most of these works come into being the way a plant grows, the full blossoming, which may be
quiet, coming near the end. Except for fading in and out, there is no editing. I discovered the following
quote, which turns out to be a precise description of how I approach this work:   

"When I’m no longer trying to do something, I begin to feel I am led, as if my brush was just following a
definite path. I am just following something which I merely initiated. At that point I am open to something
which I was unable to express before, when I wanted to direct it. And strangely enough, the best moment,
and the best result is when I am here in front of the painting, and the hand is so to speak free. I am not
imposing. At the same time it is me who paints. But it is as if I were following a kind of secret indication.
I am no longer fighting. The struggle has taken place before this moment, when I was at the point of giving
up. And at that point if I’m open enough, then something occurs, something completely new, something
which seems to be true." 
      (fr. “The Transmission of Content, An Interview with Paul Reynard,” Parabola, Vol. 13.1, 1998.                                                      

When listening, I’m astonished. I feel that the person who produced these does not seem to be the
same person as the one who listens back! The titles, which are always assigned afterwards, are
sometimes uncannily appropriate; (e.g., Traveling: “The Transfiguration of a Chrysalis,” "The Ecstasy of
Living Just One Day," "Journey to the Secret Garden"; or Interior Processes: "The Lead Crane Knows He
Will Die after This Migration," "The Dying Crane Praises His Creator," and many others. But when
improvising, I don’t think about words.                      

Listen for the unexpected.