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About Jane Engish

Jane English has a unique place in the East-West exchange of knowledge. Her photography conveys a deep connection to natural wisdom and was a major factor in bringing the Tao Te Ching to the widest circle of readers in the Western world. Her photographs formed an integral part of Gia-Fu Feng's historic translation of this work. Her publications include Chuang Tsu, The Inner Chapters, Finger Pointing to the Moon, and the Mount Shasta and Tao Te Ching Calendars.

More praise for Lightning (Codhill Press, 2003)

"In a tour de force of compression, Scher shows us how our actions in our work lives are intimately connected with the larger world we live in, and how natural laws apply to such seemingly mundane activities as meetings and the daily decisions each of us is called to make. The incorporation of Jane English's photographs is nothing short of magical."
--Dan Gregerson, CEO, Mindfabric, Inc.

"Lightning captures the essence of human nature and experience so succinctly and brilliantly. As I read, I felt a deep recognition of truth, enhanced and confirmed by the juxtaposition of photographs to text in a way that is visually stunning and immensely satisfying. The topic may seem to be 'business,' but the experience of reading Lightning resonates with a deep understanding of man and his world that is very inspirational -- a gift for the heart."
--Leona Butler, CEO, Santa Clara Family Health Plan




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